"In a Nutshell Work" on Why We Should Use Nuclear Power

Three reasons why we should continue
using nuclear energy.
One: nuclear energy saves lives.
In 2013, a study conducted by NASA found
that nuclear energy has prevented
around 1.8 million deaths,
Even if you include the death tolls from
Chernobyl and Fukushima,
nuclear energy ranks last in death per
energy unit produced.
While nuclear waste is really toxic,
it’s usually stored somewhere
while the toxic byproducts of fossil fuels
are pumped into the air
we breathe every day.
So, just by reducing the amount of fossil
fuels burned, countless cases of cancer
or lung disease and accidents in
coal mines have been avoided.
If we can choose between lots of dangerous
stuff being put into a deep hole and
lots and lots and lots of dangerous stuff
being pumped into the atmosphere,
the former seems more logical
Nuclear energy feels way
more dangerous, though.
Single catastrophic events burn into our
memory, while coal and oil kill silently.
It’s like the death rate of
flying versus driving.
Even in the best-case scenario, it would
take at least forty years to switch
to 100%-renewable energy.
So, for as long as we continue using
fossil fuels, nuclear energy will save
way more lives than it destroys.
Two: nuclear energy reduces CO₂ emissions.
Nuclear energy is arguably way less
harmful to the environment
in terms of climate change than fossil
fuels, our main source of energy.
Since 1976, about 64 gigaton of
greenhouse gas emissions
have not been pumped out thanks
to nuclear energy.
And by the mid-21st century, that could
amount to an additional 80–240 gigaton.
Humanity’s energy consumption is
rising steadily.
According to US government projections,
China alone will add the equivalent of
a new 600-MW coal plant every 10 days
for the next 10 years.
China already burns 4 billion tons of
coal each year.
Coal is cheap, relatively abundant, andeasy to get to.
Three reasons why we should continue
using nuclear energy.