Implementing Success

Implementing Change
The differences between stated change goals and current change status for Childrens were to reorganize a new patient satifaction  program to restructure the entire way care was delivered to patients. The decisions to change the entire strategy beginning the upper management and how they follow up with implementation of changes in order for the change to be fully embedded in the organization. The new change and goals is to readjust the areas that need the most attention to provide the best care in the nation. The board can ensure that proper overseeing is conducted and implemented in a timely manner to effect the change in the company.   The implementation structure for Childrens change status is to take action and to focus on the measurement to monitor the progress of the change, and the significant impact on how the organization’s people act to the change. The implementation change status is to increase coverage areas and to improve a better system, therefore increasing the benefit for happier customers and employees. The new change status for Childrens is to increase levels of responsibilities at the different levels to be more available where they can fix the issues that may arise in their area of responsibility. Therefore, giving the clinical staff time to interact with the patients and families   on a daily basis to accept the changes in the organization to meet a common goal.  Measuring the change implementation for Childrens should be to “conduct a full-scale assessment within 3 month period of the initiation of major change and to continue to evaluate the changes within one year to make adjustments as needed.
Sustaining Change
By Childrens as do most companies ask the questions on how to go beyond the first steps of corporate change and how to sustain the momentum? They have introduced the book The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge. This publisher knew that companies like Childrens cannot survive without learning to adapt to different...