Implement Person Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care – Part 1

There are several Person-Centred thinking tools available. Such as – •   The relationship circle, •   4+1 questions, •   One page profiles and •   Good day/bad day.

One Page Profile:

A One Page Profile is a short introduction to a person, which captures key information on a single page which gives for example family friends or staff an understanding of the person and how best to support them. It is not a person centred plan more a “beginners guide”.
The profile records detailed specific statements which can be developed through the use of other person centred tools. A person may have more than one profile depending on the purpose of the profile.

A One Page Profile typically consists of a photo and three questions, but there are also other formats depending on the purpose of the profile.
The questions are:

What is ‘important to’ the person? and embraces the important people, places, possessions, rituals, routines, faith culture, interests, hobbies, work etc. which makes the person who they are.

What do other people like and admire about the person? This can be collected by asking other people, sending them prepared postcards (3 things I like and admire about you..) for feedback or collecting these statements at the beginning of a review meeting in a circle of support on a poster.

How to best support me in the person? It is very important to collect specific statement on how to best support the person. What kind of support is really helpful for the person? What does the person want and need? What kind of support does the person enjoy?

One-page profiles are a simple and versatile tool that capture and summarise key information about the person. Information is structured under headings that enable everyone to understand what is important to the person and how best to support them. Person centred planning tools can help you to build and review a One Page Profile.

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