Impact Crusher Uunparalleled Technological Advantage

Different types of crusher have their distinctive advantages and disadvantages. According to the different characteristics of stone crushers, Fote Machinery will introduce you some advantages of impact crusher when compared with hammer crusher.

1. Impact crusher can not only apply to crushing soft materials, but also is suitable for crushing hard materials. The plate hammer of impact crusher is firmly fixed on the rotor with the mechanical clamping structure, and it will have great rotational inertia when it rotates along with the rotor. Compared with the hammer crusher, impact crusher has lower energy consumption, and can better adapt to crushing more hard materials.

2. The abrasion of wear parts of impact crusher is smaller than hammer crusher, and its utilization rate of metal higher than hammer crusher. The abrasion of plate hammer of impact crusher only appears in the front side. When the rotor speed is normal, the feeding materials will fall to the surface of plate hammer, and the back and side of the plate hammer will not worn out, even if its front is rarely wear out. And the grinding rod is easy to change.

3. It is convenient and flexible to adjust the particle size of impact crusher. Impact crusher has wide adjusting range. Impact crusher can adjust the discharging granularity through a variety of ways, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjusting the impact plate and the grinding cavity gap. While the hammer crusher can only adjust the discharging granularity by replacing the bottom plate.

The multistage cavity of impact crusher has enough space to crush materials, and is suitable for crushing large materials. The angle of impact plate of the impact crusher can be adjusted freely, which can ensure the material between the back plate and rotor can be crushed at the right angle, and can effectively improve the crushing efficiency.

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