WRITING PIECE 3: Expository Piece

Prompt: “It is difficult to maintain a strong sense of individual identity in our society, but it is not impossible.”

Sometimes it is a struggle to be true to oneself and maintain a strong sense of individual identity when one is part of a community. Individuality, which is an expression of personal freedom, is often subverted into a myriad of different directions. Although these words indicate that it can be difficult to maintain a strong sense of identity, it is not impossible. The influences that others have on us throughout our lives do impact the development of our personalities. The Media may be able to manipulate the decisions that we make and influence the actions that we take. A person’s upbringing and the environment in which they are raised and pressure for conformity influence our expressions of individuality in our society. But it is our true selves, our values and beliefs that help us to maintain our identities and to discover who we truly are.

The novel, ‘The Kite Runner’, written by Khaled Hosseini, displays the difficulties of maintaining a strong sense of individuality through many of the main characters. In the Afghan culture there are expectations set from childhood for all men to be strong and independent but with certain restrictions to conform. Amir is a main character from the novel who was brought up in an environment with strict culture, strong religious beliefs and a high social status. Constant pressures to conform and continuous pressure to be someone he is not overrode the expression of his individuality. He struggles to find and maintain his true identity as these pressures lead him astray. Everyday, Amir carries the weight of living up to his fathers unrealistic expectations. He has to deal with his father wanting him to be the complete opposite of who he is. He likes to read and write poetry but his father wants him to play soccer like real afghan boys do, but that is just not who he is....