Identifying Fallacies

Indentifying fallacies:

2. In the second question referring to abortion: I think that this is referring to line-drawing fallacy. It is referring to fertility drugs and asking the question if this causes miscarriages. Isn’t this abortion and wrong according to anti-abortionist?
Basically this is two different types of situations in my opinion. With the line-drawing fallacy it, is comparing and bunching the two together and asking is there a difference, saying there needs to be a line drawn.
3. I think this is referring to Circumstantial ad hominem. Thinking a person’s circumstances refute
his or her beliefs. In this situation Abigail is saying it is better to be a widow than a divorce. Either way you are alone. The circumstance does not change that either way you are alone, but better to be widowed because you are not the one that got “rejected”.
5. In this case it is referring to the Straw man—”rebutting” a claim by offering a distorted or exaggerated version of it. This person is presenting a one sided case saying these so called fitness enthusiast are shutting down the whole park. In reality the park is still open because still said people who wanted to have picnic would have to walk. So it is just giving an exaggerated version making it sound one sided.

6. In this religion one it is citing Inconsistency ad hominem—thinking a person’s inconsistencies refute his or her beliefs. Talking about religion this is a very common hominem. It’s asking of peoples beliefs and would there still be same views, based on different religious beliefs.

8. In the Michigan one saying we need more sources of revenue I think it is False dilemma—an erroneous narrowing down of the range of alternatives; saying we have to accept X or Y (and omitting that we might do Z). Basically it is saying we don’t have any other alternatives. It does not state any facts. Just stating we must do this, no other options.

9. In the church beliefs here. I believe the fallacy used is...