Ice Cream Market Share, Size, Trends, Growth and Analysis


The report provides a review of the latest news and key events in the global ice cream market during March.

Key Findings

Using this report, marketers will effectively gain an insight into the latest happenings in the global ice cream market throughout the month.

The monthly report provides the reader with the top-line data necessary to quickly keep abreast of latest events in the global ice cream market on a monthly basis.

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Table Of Content

1 List of Key Events in Global Ice Cream Market
2 Key Events in Global Ice Cream Market
2.1 Unilever adds 17 new frozen treats
2.2 Friendly's Ice Cream expands sundae cup lineup
2.3 Snoqualmie Ice Cream launches six new all-natural frozen custards nationwide
2.4 Unilever Ice Cream introduces 17 new frozen treats
2.5 Castanea Partners invests in Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
2.6 Blue Bunny ice cream announces brand re-launch
2.7 FrieslandCampina plans to acquire 51% stake in Engro Foods for $460m
2.8 Häagen-Dazs launches Häagen-Dazs Stick Bars in UK
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