I Am Sam vs. as You Like It

My chosen text is I am Sam, a 2001 drama film. The film focuses on issues facing adults with developmental disabilities. Sam Dawson has the mind of a 7 year old due to his disability, and is forced to raise his daughter, Lucy alone after the mother (a homeless woman) abandons them after Lucy’s birth. Although Sam is well-adjusted and has a significant support system and a full-time job at Starbucks, his ability to care for Lucy is doubted and a custody case arises.
Concepts of belonging are used throughout both “I am Sam” and “As You Like It”. This is demonstrated in events, characters, places and relationships between characters.
When Orlando returns home after his victorious wrestling match with Charles, he encounters his loyal and elderly servant Adam. Adam warns Orlando that Oliver plans to set his house on fire in hopes of killing Orlando, and that he must leave immediately. Orlando has had his sense of belonging challenged, and therefore the place in which he would usually call home is now considered inappropriate. This is shown in the quote; “This is no place, this house is but a butchery: Abhor it, fear it, do not enter it.” Adam offers his life savings to Orlando, along with his loyalty and devotion to serve him. It becomes apparent that if Orlando stays, there will be dire consequences for both himself and Adam. Orlando and Adam then leave together.
Moving onto my chosen text, I am Sam, a similar event occurs. After a crisis at Lucy’s birthday party, a social worker takes Lucy away from her father, and Sam is only allowed to see Lucy twice a week. Lucy is placed into foster care, where her new foster parents plan to adopt her. During supervised visits, Lucy and Sam sit in a room while being observed behind a two way mirror. Lucy has had her sense of belonging with Sam challenged by professionals. She shows this when she says to Sam; “I want no other daddy but you” before turning to the two-way mirror and shouting “Did you hear that? I said I didn’t...