Of all many sports, hunting is perhaps the, best. It is also perhaps the most ancient one. The early man was a good hunter. He had to hunt for food and for safety. Even today we find the spirit of hunting in our children.
Hunting requires a lot of practice. One cannot become a hunter overnight. People who have to live in the forest by force of circumstances are better hunters than city dwellers. He has to hunt for his survival. As he lives in the midst of wild animals, he will have to protect his life. They would use the skin for clothing or shelter, the stomach for cooking, the meat for eating and many other portions for various uses. They would waste nothing, and this practice continued for hundreds of years. It still exists today.
Hunters use different types of weapons. Thus the ancient man used the spear, the lance, the slings and the bow and arrows. These are used even today by primitive people. But modern man uses the gun.
The hunter's life is an adventurous one. He has to face the fury of animals. To be a good hunter he must know the haunts of animals, their behavior and their trails. Above all he must know the law of the jungle. Hunters usually go in a party. If it is safe hunting as in the case of a deer or a rabbit, it is simple and easy. But when one has to hunt the tiger, it requires a lot of preparation. The hunter must know where the animal dwells and where it comes for its water. He must carry his gun and there must be some cleared ground for the animal to be seen. In the case of the tiger, if one is seen nearby, the hunter ties a goat or a buffalo to a peg and leaves it there. The tiger comes and attacks the animal and leaves the carcass there. The tiger is sure to return the next night to finish up its food. In the meantime, the hunter will be ready with his gun. When the tiger is deeply engaged in having its repast, the hunter shoots at it. It requires a very good marksmanship to shoot at it. If he fails, the animal escapes and may...