Humorous Essay

What would you do if the results of the election were determined by solely your vote?   How would you feel if everyone in the whole world knew that it was you and you alone that determined who was going to be our next President of the United States.   That’s something to think about.  
I am so happy this 2008 Presidential election is over.   We now know who our next President will be for the next four years and possibly eight. There were all types of mudslinging, mistruths stated, jokes told, commercials aired, appearances on Saturday Night Live, etc.   I was getting so tired of it.   One of the funniest things I did see and enjoyed was an email sent to me called “Obama’s Loss Traced to Erica D.”   Excuse me for not knowing all the technical computer lingo mumbo jumbo but I’m going to try to explain this email you the best way I know how to.   It may not even be funny to you reading it on paper.   If you had not had the fortunate pleasure of having this email forwarded to you, you will just have to take my word for it when I say it was funny. Ummm… if you were an Obama supporter.
The email was set up like a CNN news broadcast and the caption was “Obama’s Loss Traced to Non-Voter.   Single Nonvoter Tipped Election to McCain-Palin Ticket”.   The sender of the email somehow inputs your name so that it will show in each screen that you were the nonvoter.   The newsman goes on to say how the nation is outraged that when it was disclosed that Obama lost the election due to a single nonvoter. Next they show McCain holding a victory rally, clearly taken from when he won the Republican ticket.   They play a sound bite of him saying in his McCain swagger “We sure showed em what a comeback looks like” and the crowd cheers.   The next frame is when they unveil to the world the name of the nonvoter.   It shows a made up clip of a newspaper that reads “Nonvoter Identified: Erica D. Investigation of Tallies Leads to Culprit” with a picture of a voting booth.   It goes on to show supposedly...