Human Digestion Systems

Human Digestion Summary                                                                       Sebeniecher 1

Human Digestion Summary
Sci/241 Nutrition
Judit Kovaks
Amber Sebeniecher
June 28, 2014

Human digestion summary                                                                             Sebeniecher 2

The digestive system is a complex process that makes food into energy that a person needs to survive. Though the body also creates waste for the body to eliminate. The digestive tract is a long tube that twists from the mouth and stops at the anus. It has many muscles   that move the food and all of the other cells that create the bodies enzymes and hormones to breaks down the food, there are other organs that have to deal with the digestion process which are the liver, gallbladder and the pancreas.
The mouth is at the beginning of the digestive system, thought digestion is started before you take your first bite of food. your senses will take over to make sure that the digestive system is started, through the sense of smell it starts your salivary glands to start to secrete saliva. When you finally put the food in your mouth the amount of saliva increases.   though once you start the chewing process and breaking the food down into pieces small enough to be digested, the other digestive mechanisms come into play, that allows your body to be able to absorb and can process. Also bodily "juices" are produced that will help the process even farther.
The stomach is a sac- like organ with strong muscular walls. Though it also holds food it is also considered the mixer and grinder of the body. The stomach produces an acid and powerful enzymes that will help in the process of breaking down the food it will change the consistency into a liquid or paste. Then from there the contents of the stomach move to the small intestine. Between every meal, the non liquefiable...