When beginning the hiring process for a   perfect candidate, for an entry level position at a supermarket. The selection tool I would start with would be the application process. The second tool I would use would be background checks. Lastly I would also require the applicant to submit a drug test.
The application process is the most important part of finding a candidate for this position. Applications would include the applicant name, age, sex, education, past employment history, arrest and any criminal convictions, citizenship, references and disabilities. This application process will help eliminate the applicant that does not meet requirements of the job. This will also cut down on time by eliminating the applicants to call to interview. The application will also ask what shift and how many hours the applicant will be willing to work and when they will be available to start. The start date is really important in my point of view because if the applicant says they can start rite away I would ask them they have put in a notice to the their present job. If the applicant says no that will tell they plan on quitting without proper notice which is not a good trait.
Secondly I would run a background check on the applicant because this will show two things about this applicant. Number one it would show their honesty the application ask if they have had any past convictions. I do understand that people do make mistakes so I would not solely go on the results of the background check. If the person has had current theft or deceptive charges I would not consider them for employment.   This is to better protect my store and the consumers that shop in the supermarket.
Lastly I would have all applicants submit a drug screening before hiring them. I feel that it is very important to know that you are not considering someone who uses drugs in a position that may be departmental to the surrounding co-workers and the consumers. An employee who may be addicted to drug can...