Hr Performance Issues and Motivations

HR Performance Issues and Motivations
    Motivation is what drives people do an array of things.   This also applies to employers and employees.   Employers and employees both have a motivator in common.   The motivator is financial growth.   Most people do not gain employment because it is fun, they do it for money.   Money is a huge motivator and this is how employers find people to do necessary tasks so they can also reap the rewards of financial growth.   Money can also have an impact on a person’s job satisfaction and their work performance.   Even though money will motivate people to go to work and do the job, it can also create performance issues.   These performance issues can be felt organization wide.   To stop performance issues based on monetary gain can take some time, however, it is possible.   Monetary gain and incentives can have an impact on a person’s job satisfaction, by understanding needs a person’s work performance can be increased.
    When someone is looking to obtain gainful employment there has to be a reason, something that makes a person want to have that employer.   When organizations are looking for people to enter the company and assist them with completing tasks they have to offer something.   That something is money.   Money is a motivator.   In order have a motivator there has to be a need.   Monetary gain can have an impact on an individual no matter the stage in Maslow’s hairacy of needs they be participating in (Oleson, 2004, p.86).   Money is a tangible item and can be swayed to motivate people in different ways      
    There are certain things people need.   The basic of needs is water, food, shelter and clothing.   According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (2012) the physical needs come first, monetary gain would be an example of a physical need (4.2).   Monetary gain provides the motivation to be able to afford the basic of needs.
  In order to obtain what a person needs they have to be able to purchase those products, requiring...