Howard Zinn

Reading the chapter, “The Coming Revolt of the Guards”, by Howard Zinn, I agree with his argument for the most part. Americans have given over their voice in the body of politics; leaving the decision making to the rich and privileged. The government is controlled by the privileged, the middle class, or the guardians should revolt with the lower class to create a more balanced world.
Zinn breaks down the system used in the United States and its flaws. His argument is extremely compelling in the beginning of the chapter. For instance, Howard states, “we have learned to look to the stars, leaders, and experts in every field. Thus, surrendering our own strengths, demeaning our own ability, obliterating our own selves” I strongly agree with this, in times of crisis we always look to others to save us, which weakens our ability to think for ourselves, do for ourselves and learn how to be one as a people. This gives the government more control over the population.
Additionally Howard states, “one percent of the nation owns a third of the wealth. The rest is distributed in such a way as to turn those ninety nine percent against each other”. This includes relationships between intellectuals/uneducated, property owners/none owners and the good looking/ none attractive. Thus, making me wonder who controls the people really? Without the 99% (the poor) there will not be a 1% ( rich). Therefore, the people control the wealth, we just have been so accommodated to sharing the left overs that we forget what we deserve. There is so much vehemence and violence in today's society which is, exactly what the government wants to keep the guards from uniting to take control of the wealth and politics.
As the chapter progress Zinn proves that the middle class is being deprived of its rights and is well controlled by the upper class, because of his evidence I can see the differences in wealth between the upper, lower, and middle classes. Moreover, age, social status and race are...