How to Survive in the Wilderness

How to survive in the wilderness
      How often do people hear on the news that the remains have been found from the hiker who went missing two years ago? Suppose the hiker had known a few more things about surviving in the wilderness. If so, would they have had a better chance of being found alive? Chances are yes. No one enters the wilderness expecting to get lost. Yet every year individuals, and sometimes groups of people and families, become lost, hurt or stranded in a variety of situations. According to so and so 54% of Americans find themselves in these compromising situations. Most people walk out alive; however some are not as lucky. Should you ever find yourself lost in the wilderness, having a positive mental attitude, knowing basic wilderness survival skills and knowing what steps to take when you find yourself lost can dramatically increase your chances to come out a survivor.
      Most of the time people who get lost continue to walk proclaiming, “I think it is this way.” only to find that they are walking further and further from potential help. The first thing you need to do when you find yourself lost is to remain still and where you are. Statistics show that if you are within 2 miles of your planned hike you have almost 100% chance of being rescued within 24 hours.   Chances of survival are higher if you remain where you are.   By remaining in the same place it allows you to have a home base and gives searchers a higher probability of finding you alive.
      Survival is a state of mind. You must have a positive mental “can do” attitude in a survival situation. Even if you are dangling from a rope down a cliff with a broken leg you have to tell yourself that people have survived in this exact situation. Your odds of survival are significantly greater if you maintain the right state of mind. In fact your mind is the greatest tool you have. Now that you have had time to calm down you should start to rationalize a plan. Remember to keep your...