How to Selection of Crushing Equipment?

One, should be based on material properties and energizing way and then seek crushing equipment type

In the choice of grinding equipment before crushing force should be clear the way, according to the material properties of particles, particle size and crushed product requirements, take appropriate biasing means, and then seek crushing equipment type.

1, size large or medium-hard materials used crushing, impact, crushing tools with different shapes of teeth; such as jaw crusher, roll crusher and so on.

2, small particle size using crushing hard materials, impact, grinding, crushing tool surface without teeth, is smooth; such as roll crusher.

3, powdered or pulpy material by grinding, impact, crush such as ball mill.

4, abrasive weak materials used shock, blow, grinding, grinding tools with sharp teeth.

5, strong abrasive material used mainly using crushing, grinding tool surfaces are smooth.

6, ductile material used to cut or quick blow; such as hammer mill.

7, using multi-component materials selection under impact crushing force field can also be used in combination variety.

Second, the mill work pieces of material requirements

Dry milling will rely on high-speed rotating rotor effects between the rotor and the stator fixed particles are crushed by shear force, or between the rotating member and the fixed member frequent grinding, such works are often due to direct contact with the material badly worn parts, In the grinding process and thus can easily produce metal particles of insoluble impurities and contamination phenomenon.

Some outstanding materials to avoid direct contact with the material component materials are corrosion resistant requirements, generally this material are made of austenitic stainless steel, and the hardness of the surface of austenitic stainless steel multi-metals are mostly relatively low, if austenitic stainless steel grinder pieces of material to do so, easy to produce metal particles. However, to reduce...