How to Protect Jaw Crusher Damage in Stone Crushing Plant?

Jaw crusher is extensive applicable crushing equipment,which is used for crushing various hardness and different properties materials.Therefore jaw crusher inevitably appears overload phenomenon in the crushing process.How to solve the overload for jaw crusher?Great Wall engineers adopts advanced technique and sound self protection system,we invent the hydraulic device to protect jaw crusher from overload.The hydraulic overload protection system keeps the jaw crusher low failure rate and smooth operation.Great Wall heavy industry summarizes the advantages of jaw crusher hydraulic overloading protection system :

1,Jaw crusher can adjust overload volume according to different crushing process, through regulating adjustable nut of adjustable device to adjust the overload load.
2,Reliable overload protection, automatic troubleshooting system, fast restoration speed to normal production, without replacing quick wearing parts, economic and time saving.
3,Hydraulic overloading protection system is convenient to be controlled by computer or console, easy to implement the automatic crushing   process
4,Safety and reliability are quite important for protection device. The hydraulic protection system can ensure jaw crusher running safely, even action valve failure and not action in the system, hydraulic protection system make the jaw crusher powder off and reduce the damage to jaw crusher.