How the Opening of Brick Creates an Effect on the Audience

Brick opening

The film Brick was released in 2005 and was directed by Rian Johnson. The opening of film Brick uses a variety of film techniques which makes the scene very captivating. In this essay I will be focusing on two major aspects of the film that I feel is the most effective which are the range of camera angles and a broad range of sound effects used in the scenes. These features are very important as they convey deep meanings in the film therefore provoking certain responses from the audience.

The Non-diagetic sound of the eerie music played at the beginning of the already sets a dark mood to the film as a result of the high pitched ‘bells’ that are played repetitively in a minor key. This sets an uneasy tone in the film as it is quite an unusual way to open a scene although the scene has not started yet as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1

The bells sound like they are being furiously being played and therefore makes the atmosphere of the movie more uneasy as the audience are unable to relax to this kind of music. Additionally, the guitar plays repetitive chords which is played in the minor key along with the bells. The way the music has been put together makes the audience to feel on edge and will anticipate an unusual event that may take place in the future.

The use of a range of shots helps to continue that sense of uneasiness of the audience. This is firstly done by an extreme close up of the face of the character. Parallel sound occurs in the first shot as the camera shot comes into focus of the eyes ( shown in figure 2a and 2b) at the same time as the strum of the guitar which means that the sound and the shots are both synchronised   for a striking effect on the audience. The audience at this stage feel unsettled as they feel like they are being 'watched' by the character due to the intense stare right into the camera.

Figure 2a 2b

Following this shot is the most striking shot in the opening being a wide shot displaying the relation...