How Google Has Used the Internet to Dominate Today’S Advertising Industry

The Effect of Technology on Advertising through Mass Media and
How Google has used the Internet to Dominate Today’s Advertising Industry.

Advertising is not a mass medium, but it relies on media to carry its messages (Vivian, 2003, p. 302).   And just as advertising relies on mass media, mass media relies on technology to carry it. Looking at one without the other is hard to do, because their growth feeds off the progress of one another. Advertising is a message business on the cutting edge of change in our culture. It not only reflects that change but is usually in position to take advantage of change (Wilson & Wilson, 2004, p. 345). In the following paper I will be examining this change, along with the effect of technology on advertising through mass media. In addition, explaining how Google has used the internet to gain a competitive advantage in today’s advertising industry.
The concept of advertising dates all the way back to early civilizations, where in 3000 B.C, Babylonian merchants hired barkers to shout about their products in the market place to potential customers (Wilson & Wilson. 2004, p. 344). Modern day advertising would not be seen until the 15th century after Johannes Gutenberg developed movable type. The invention of the printing press allowed mass production of printed word to be possible and in turn created the first media for mass advertising. Advertising did not show up in the colonies until 1704 when publisher John Campbell of the Boston News-Letter ran an advertisement wanting to sell an estate on Long Island (Vivian, 2003, p. 302). Ever since then Americans can hardly even turn the corner, turn the page of the news paper or turn on the television without being subject to the constant barrage of   advertisements.
Fostered by the growth and needs of the industrial revolution, Benjamin Day created the first penny newspaper called the New York Sun in 1833. What made Day’s penny newspaper so successful was just that, it only cost a...