How Does Lack of Managerial Communication Effect Worker’s Productivity

How does lack of managerial communication effect worker’s productivity

Brian Sadowski
Dr. Sami Khan
Management and Research Foundations (MGMT 500)
6 December 2015

Managerial communication does not restrict itself to corporate presentations, meetings, conferences, and media relations, official correspondences like business letters, memos, proposals and reports.   This is quite obvious from the fact that today we have “ hi-tech” communication like intranet, internet, teleconferencing, video-conferencing, net meeting, etc. as part and parcel of our professional communicative life.   But, communication is not always formal.   In fact, informal communication is far more active in the work place than formal communication.   With the lack of communication it can affect the performance of employees because of lack of direction, policy or instructions.   Having the proper managerial interaction can increase the employee’s performance and ultimately meet the organizational strategic goals.

Employees spend on average between 25% to 70% in face-to-face conversations with other employees or clients, and about 88% to 93% dealing with unscheduled communication with others within departments (Dasgupta, 2014).   This heightens the level of informal communication employees have within the organization.   Communication of this nature is sometimes supported by opportunity, and sometimes impulsiveness.   On one hand, it augments sympathy and camaraderie, on the other hand, this type could spreads rumors and hinder the formal communication channels.   Informal meetings can give rise to cliques forming within the organization, which in turn induces favoritism.   These consequences can be low productivity, low morale, less belongingness and high attrition.   To cope with these problems managers need to adapt an open eye and listening approach to their organizational communication.  
There are probably as many managerial communication styles out there as there are managers....