History - to What Extend Was the Fall of the Berlin Wall Caused by Public Unrest?



3 History Coursework

To what extend was the fall of the Berlin Wall caused by public outrages?

Contents Page:

A) Plan of investigation – Page 3

B) Summary of evidence – Page 4-6

C) Evaluation of sources – Page 7

D) Analysis – Page 8

E) Conclusion – Page 9

F) List of sources – Page 10

1. Plan of investigation:

The fall of the Berlin Wall was a major historical event not only for the German public but for world democracy also. The Berlin Wall divided Berlin from 13th August 1961 to 9th November 1989. During this time people living in East Berlin were not allowed to enter West Berlin, families were separated for Years and lived in a total surveillance state.

The investigation assesses the significance of public demonstration for the fall of the Berlin Wall. In order to evaluate the significance of the public to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the investigation evaluates the opening of the boarders to other eastern countries like Hungary and the demonstrations in eastern Germany. The sources I used for the investigation are two German magazines based on the 20th anniversary of   the fall of the Berlin Wall. “Stern Extra, Vor 20 Jahren: So fiel die Mauer” and “Focus, 9. November 1989...und so fiel die Mauer” and an other source is “The Fontana History of Germany 1918-1990 The Divided Nation” by Mary Fulbrook. The magazines are based on the public's unrest and the and on the the political instability during this time and how it finally led to the fall of the Berlin Wall. My other source is a textbook written 1991 and therefore shortly after the fall. These sources will then be evaluated for their origins, purposes, values and limitations.

However, the investigation does neither include the construction of the Berlin Wall nor the problems Germany had to face after its fall on the 9th November 1989.

2. Summary of Evidence:

The Berlin Wall was a concrete wall built by the...