January 4, 2010                           Andres S.                      

            Hieroglyphs was important an important invention back then because that was a system of writing for ancient Egyptians. They also use the hieroglyphs as their own alphabet. This invention was important because they could communicate to each other and also send messages. The people writ newspaper using the letters and alphabet and they would write the latest on Egypt.
    Hieroglyphs was important back then because it was a system of writing for the ancient Egyptian. One example is that the that the ancient Egyptian wrote and they would write phrases and then they started to draw symbols. Egyptian would make their name in gold and put them on a necklace.
  Another reason why the invention on hieroglyphs was important was because with the alphabet they could make new words and with those new words they could make new stories and they could also communicate better and faster by adding new letters to the alphabet. The Ancient Egyptian writing system had from 700 to 800 glyphs. Their form of writing was also called cuneiform.
    Back then the ancient Egyptians would pay some people to write newspaper so they can read the latest on ancient Egypt. Back then they didn’t have paper or ink they use to get a big piece of stone and get two tools and would carve the pictures that represent words, letters and sentences. They usually only carve body part and animals and lines nothing else.
      Hieroglyphs was an important back then because it was the ancient Egyptian’s writing system. One example is that they would connect more to the nature by drawing animals and body parts as letters. Another way is they had there own alphabet and new letters were added to the alphabet. They final example is they would communicate and also write newspaper by carving words into stone. Hieroglyphs was the best thing made in Egypt...