Hiding Place

1.   The ten Boom family showed true discipleship. They chose to help the Jewish people during the Holocaust. The ten Boom family were Christians and they still decided to help the Jews during this horrible time in history. They showed love towards others just like God and Jesus teaches. They helped people who believed in different things. Even though their beliefs were different, the ten Booms still went against the law to help others. The Ten Boom family also showed discipleships through the preachings that they gave to others. Corrie’s preachings mostly were based on forgiveness and how to forgive others even if they do evil to you. The ten Booms continue to show this discipleship that Luke describes throughout the entire story.

2. The ten Boom family suffers a lot in this movie. We see their suffering in almost every other scene. They get beat, starved, and worked to death. They get all of this punishment for helping the Jews. Since they broke the law, they got sent to this horrible concentration camp that tortured them every day. They got whipped, pushed, hit, starved, and worked so hard every single day. This truly shows the ¨suffering servant¨   because they suffered for serving God’s will.

3.   The ten Boom family truly portrays this teaching of John since they were in the worst place on Earth. They were in a Nazi death camp and they still did not stop believing that God will save them and help them through this horrible time. They were literally in ¨Hell¨ as mentioned many times in the movie. They were beaten, starved, and worked hard all day long and they still kept going strong knowing that God was still there. An example is when Corrie was whipped and beaten. After being beaten severely she told the others to forgive and not to hate the Nazis. This movie portrays people that lived out John’s message perfectly.

4. The ten Booms lived out the corporal works of mercy throughout the entire story. The corporal works of mercy that they...