Hidden Sin

Hidden Sin Is Worst Than Public Confession
I will argue that public confession is not exclusively for societies judgment.   I respect people who are honest about their sin.   People who are honest about their sin are free to live their life.   In no way am I insinuating that there is no punishment.   Society will consider, judge and punish the unfortunate soul who commits an act that is outside of accepted behavior.   Honest sinners are not burdened with the personal turmoil associated with the guilt of hiding their sin.   Those who hide their sin are left to suffer in silence. The secret sinner is mentally punished with guilt and mentally eaten from the inside out.
In Nathaniel Hawthorn’s Scarlet Letter Hester Prynne’s scandalous sin of adultery is punished in a public forum.   The result is public dishonor and imprisonment.   Hester a sinner, is punished for her sin of adultery. The public dishonor of inprisonment and lives a humble but free life after the public dishonor. An act of sin such as adultery is ugly. about but there it is waiting for the world to dissect it.
Hester is free to live with the results of the sin and the punishment that she has face because of it. It is a way to publicly deal When people write their sins on the wall for all to see they are free to be judged. It is assumed that the judgment will be there is a freedom that is shared when the facts are laid out on the table it is human to feel the need to be accepted by society.