Grade C:   Play and Youth Development Plan 2014 (Draft 2)

This development plan has been heavily influenced by the units in the level 3 Diploma for the Children & Young people’s Workforce.
The following unites have been developed in line with the standards in the level 3 Diploma and the individual gaps identified in the Play and Youth support workers assessment:

    • Unit 25 Understanding How to safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people.
    • Unit 27 Support Children and Young people’s health and Safety
    • Unit 30 Understand how to support positive outcomes for children and young people.
    • Unit 53 Promote Equality and inclusion in Children’s and young people settings.
    • Unit 54 Principles of implementing duty of care in children’s and young people’s settings.
    • Unit 69 Assessment and planning with children and young people.

Each worker will have an individual plan based on where they scored poorly in their assessment (Interview, Observation and written plan) and the areas they need to cover in the units above.

These units will contribute to a comprehensive development plan that will be assessed over a 12 week period, starting with
An individual assessment meeting with each play and youth worker to identify the gaps.

Time scale:
Monday 22nd September to Friday 13th December 12 weeks (Mid review 27th October)

Summary of assessment methods

There will be a combination of assessment methods to assess the development of each worker, the most regular being direct observation by an assessor but in some cases additional assessment methods or evidence sources may be needed:

Additional methods of assessment.
    • Expert witnesses
    • Professional discussion
    • Questions
    • Case studies
    • Reflective accounting ( Personal reflection sheets)

  Assessors:       Play and Youth Specialist
  Monitoring through supervision:   ACFSM
  Additional support:       CFSM/Senior workers

  Timeline for the Development...