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Opioids in Emerging Market Share, Size, Trends,
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The report provides analysis of new developments that will have a strong bearing on the use of opioids
in pain management in emerging countries (Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Russia and South
Africa). Access to opioids is restricted under strict drug control policies and regulations overseeing
controlled medicines due to their high abuse potential. Emphasis on restricting access to controlled
drugs is much higher in emerging markets than in developed nations, resulting in a level of consumption
that is too low to meet pain-control requirements even in cases of terminal illness. There is a high level
of unmet need for pain control in both cancer and HIV/AIDS, and serious concerns have been raised
regarding inadequate pain management in the emerging markets.
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However, this is expected to change in the near future as regulatory authorities attempt to remedy the
situation. Indeed, several new developments promise a better outlook for future access. Although India
currently has a minor share of the market, it is expected to post a high growth rate (21.3% by 2023) due
to improved access to opioid analgesics. Similarly, consumption in Brazil and Argentina is also expected
to increase due to recent changes to their palliative care policies. Although the opioids market in
emerging countries is small, it is expected to grow at a faster pace in forecast period than in some
developed countries.
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Hexa Reports
Market Research Reports and Insightful Company Profiles
"Opioids in Emerging Markets covers" the major emerging markets of Argentina,...