What is a hero? To some it may be someone who is legendary. Others might think of a hero as someone who possesses great strength or ability. Or perhaps a hero is someone who is admired for his or her achievements and great attributes. I believe that a hero is someone who shows great courage. Hero’s can be anyone, just someone who stands up for something bigger than just themselves. Three qualities I believe that a hero embodies are courage, unselfishness, and the ability to lead.
I believe that courage is the greatest quality a hero can have. Courage can be defined in many ways. Courage can be in the form of a man running into a building on fire to save a child, to a kid standing up to a bully at school or simply getting up each morning and facing a personal demon. A hero doesn’t have to be someone who can fly or has special powers but someone with the courage to help someone other then himself or herself.
The second greatest quality that I believe a hero embodies is unselfishness. Unselfishness means to put someone or something before one’s self. Unselfishness can be seen by fathers who go to work each morning to provide for their families or the person who stops on the side of the road to help a stranger with a flat. A hero believes that a cause for the greater good of the community comes before one own agenda.
The third greatest quality that I believe a hero embodies is the ability to lead. Heroes are role models, they know their actions are being watched and act in a manner that is appropriate knowing that their actions speak louder than their words. The ability to lead is an attribute that many don’t have, it is easier to be a follower and walk in others footsteps but it’s harder and shows great strength to make your own footsteps.
There is no one definition that can define what a hero is. A hero can be many things to many different people and possess many different attributes. In my opinion a hero is someone is has courage to stand up for what...