Heredity & Hormones

The influence that heredity and hormones have on human behavior is a big topic in human psychology and you will probably always find that it will be. Psychologists can be torn between the two, or think that neither has anything to do with human behavior. Some psychologists think that the way a person acts is heredity. Hormones on human behavior can be brought on and makes a person act a certain way. You can find people to blame their behavior on hormones as an excuse and they are able to use it to their advantage. Hormones and Heredity are similar in how sometimes you cannot help how you act.
The endocrine system is a very important part of our bodies and is very close to the nervous system. Both, the endocrine system and nervous system are in tune with one another. The endocrine glands release hormones into the body’s bloodstream. Some of the glands and hormones are responsible for the secretion of the endocrine system are; hypothalamus, which actually have seven secreted hormones, pineal, which also have seven secreted hormones. Hormones can take minutes and sometimes even seconds to reach where they are supposed to go in your body.
When you stop to identify hormones, you will notice that there are a few different types of hormones. One type of hormone is thyroxin, which is made in the endocrine gland that is located right below the voice box in a body. Thyroxin is also responsible for the regulation of the body’s rate of metabolism. Genetics is the study of how living things can pass on their traits from one generation to the next.   Your genes are carried out by chromosomes, which are tiny threadlike bodies that can be found in the nucleus of all different cells.
Behavior genetics and Evolutionary psychology are two different fields, but they are related in how they address the influence of heredity on human behavior. Behavior genetics seems to stay more on the extent of which heredity accounts for individual differences in behavior and thinking....