Helps Mobile Crushing Plant for Construction Waste Processing

The article '99% of the Construction Waste Is Illegally Dumped in Peri-urban Areas' attractes people's great attention just because the city it said is our capital, Beijing. But you will never know that the Fote things happen in many areas. Though the government has promulgated a series of policies to support the construction waste processing, but did not punish the littering behavior. If the situation continues to be like this, the “garbage siege city” will appear everywhere.

Most of us know that the construction waste is misplaced resources with wealth, which can create a lot of economic benefits if it was recycled and reused to produce aggregate. Due to many factors, the construction waste can’t be disposed in situ. In order to solve this problem, Fote Machinery developed a new type mobile construction waste treatment equipment. The mobile garbage crushing plant can move flexibly. It can move to the relocation sites anywhere. It is orderly division. Sorting, crushing, sieving and operation can be done at the Fote time. Different aggregate will appear at the corresponding discharging mouth. And all the building aggregate can be reasonably used. It can be used as auxiliary material when building roads and all kinds of baking-free bricks.

Fote mobile crushing plant attracted wide attention from the society as soon as it entered the market. This equipment has been exported to many countries and it has made a great contribution to the construction waste processing. We believe that Fote mobile crushing plant will become an indispensable part of the construction industry with the rapid development of economy. Fote is always putting emphasis on technology innovition, and gains good repuitation home and aboard. welcome to our company.
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