Heart of Darkness

The truth is not simple
Good morning students in my speech I plan to discuss the heart of darkness and its relation to truth and and techniques used to display this view also a book called napoleons rise to power.
The composer is using modernism to make the reader focuses on the riddles inside the book to take the ideas from the book more serious. while this sometimes confuses the reader they take a deeper meaning from the messages in this book from the realizations of the riddles instead of simple talking about something that everyone knows. Joseph Conrad takes the reader on a journey into a dark world which the reader has never been to or knows of and uses very descriptive writing ,he defines a world which we no know nothing of and relates it to things that we all know e.g. slavery ,evil, greed, power. Finally Joseph Conrad uses Marlow to represent the ideology of man and Kurtz to represent the evil within men for the reader to relate to Marlow thinks he can help the natives and stop the evil that occurs to only become apart of it.
The heart of darkness takes us on a journey into the pits of a man soul and discovery of the darkness within all men. This symbolic story is a story within a story or frame narrative. It begins with Marlow traveling down river in a boat telling the story which this books is about. As he goes on he begins telling the men on the boat how he was assigned the mission of traveling down river, and finding both kurtz one of the greatest ivory collectors in the company and bring him back to civilization, but also bring back the perishes ivory. He then arrives at the Central Station run by the general manager, an unwholesome character. when Marlow is told that his ship has been sunk by a ragged crew of idiots, he is enraged but focused on his goal, while at the station he notices the poor black men at the station who will be worked to death then thrown away, they are treated like cattle and never given dignities that a white man would...