Hearing Aids Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Competitive Scenario and Forecasts, 2012 to 2020

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Hearing Aids Market Size, Share, Application Analysis,
Regional Outlook, Growth, Trends, Competitive Scenario
And Forecasts, 2012 To 2020

Industry Insights
As per the statistics of WHO, approximately 33% of geriatric population suffer from some degree of
hearing loss. The hearing aids market thus, has gone through a sharp hike owing to the expanding
geriatric population base globally. Rising prevalence of hearing loss such as congenital hearing problem
and nerve deafness coupled with the full or partial reimbursement for these by the governments of
various countries has contributed to the spurred demand of these worldwide.
Rapid technological advancements are taking place in this market. The most recent innovations being
the incorporation of Bluetooth and the introduction of aesthetically appealing, 100% undetectable,
waterproof hearing aids. All these advancements have been optimistic for the growth of the market as
the new enhanced, cost effective product features are augmenting number of users of these devices.
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Hexa Research Inc.
Industry Research,Custom Research & Consulting
The key players in global hearing aids market are William Demant Holding A/S, Sonova Holding AG,
Siemens AG, Widex A/S, and GN Resound. The companies in this market have to face stringent
regulatory compliances and also have to indulge themselves in new product development as a
significant amount of consolidation in the manufacturing capabilities has taken place. Companies are
thus entering into mergers & acquisitions, and joint ventures to enhance their product features and
Product Insights
Key products analyzed in the hearing aids market include Canal Hearing Aids: Completely-In-Canal (CIC),
Invisible-In-Canal (IIC), and In-The-Canal (ITC) and In-The-Ear Aids (ITE),...