Healthy Living

        BY Jo Willey, Health Correspondent for Daily Express   (published on 21/10/2011 Daily Express
  1. Get active
  2. Know and control cholesterol levels
  3. Know and control blood pressure
  4. Follow a healthy diet
  5. Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  6. Manage diabetes
  7. Be tobacco free
A few good habits can extend your life by decades, according to expert advice.   Seven easy steps pave the way to a “90 percent chance” of living to 100, it is claimed.   The life style changes are also said to provide good health for longer and help keep people “free of not only heart disease and stroke but from a number of other chronic illnesses”.
Acting now and introducing the regime into our lives could reverse the tide of long-term ill health by 2020.   The NHS would also save billions from a massive reduction in heart disease.
Top cardiologist   Dr. Clyde Yancy says people need to get active, know and control their cholesterol, follow a healthy diet, know and control their blood pressure, achieve and maintain healthy weight, manage diabetes and stop smoking.
Speaking at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Vancouver on Sunday, Dr. Yancy will say people who follow the seven steps can expect to live an additional 40 to 50 years after the age of 50.
Dr. Yancy, of the Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of medicine said: “A chieving seven simple lifestyle factors gives people a 90 per cent chance of living to the age of 90 or 100, free of not only heart disease and stroke but from a number of other chronic illnesses, including cancer. “By following these steps, we can compress life-threatening disease into the final stages of life and maintain quality of life for the longest possible time.”
Cardiovascular disease includes stroke, heart failure and congenital heart disease.   There are nearly 2.7 million people living with heart disease in the uk and it kills one in five men and...