What is going on with Healthcare in America?

The Obama care Healthcare System
Wilton Pulliam
Richard T. Schaefer

Healthcare is of the most sensitive issues, of our modern time. I rank it number one over the top that includes the Economy and Immigration. I will examine my view of this national dilemma and why we are in dire straits with ethical restraints that need regulation. We will also visit how immigration and economics come to play a huge role in our nation’s capital. You will be shown the truth of what this really means for everyone including the one you love the most, your family.   There are many sides of our future health at stake. We must examine and come together as a nation to solve. There are many problems we face with this uncontrolled expansion of all things that are new and untested with health technologies.   I will attempt to share my methodology of this sensitive subject, with my knowledge over the past twenty five years, for me and my son have chronic asthma.

The Obama care Healthcare System
I will be discussing my sentiment and examine the many sides of our health care dilemma. There are many facets of our future health care and challenges of how the interests and influence of many lobbyists in our congress share differences in belief. We all know the bottom line of being in a Capitalist society. The many problems we face, such as the skyrocketing cost of rates uninsured persons, the uncontrolled expansion of all new and untested medical technologies. There is also an unexpected understanding about why the erosion of primary health care exists. What are the pros and cons of a pre-existing condition and why it matters to both parties? That would be the patient and the insurance company. This is what causes a dilemma in our health care system and why it is the main issue that divides a nation that has division based on ideological differences and religious beliefs that guide them1.
Our Dilemma
We all know the size and...