Are You A Good Communicator Or?

ARE YOU A GOOD COMMUNICATOR OR?                                                     1

Developing effective communication is important in any workplace, but is very important in the healthcare industry. A patient and healthcare providers need to establish direct communication lines in order to get a better understanding of what is going on with the patients care and the treatment established. This is so important as it helps them understand what is going on and they can take necessary steps to stay on top of what is going on.
Interpersonal relationships is very important and one of the most important elements for improving client satisfaction, compliance and healthcare outcomes.   Interpersonal relationships helps a patient to understand the nature of their illness and the treatment plan, they believe the provider is concerned with their well-being and this gives them greater satisfaction and at this time they are more likely to follow and comply with the treatment plan that has been designed for them. Always gaining a better understanding and showing compassion for those in need always makes better relationships as it shows they are on the same accord and care about the livelihood of the patient.
Effective communication is being able to not only talk but to be an active listener in conversations. So many times in communication we have a lot of talkers but very few listeners. This can make the lines of communication fail to succeed as one party may not be acceptable to what was being said due to the nonverbal communication they are
ARE YOU A COMMUNICATOR OR?                                                                       2

receiving instead of the verbal methods of delivery. In the healthcare it will be hard for a patient to communicate with their doctor, if every time they are speaking the doctor shows no interest in what they are saying and imply on something totally...