Effective Communication
    Cynthia Mays
  August 11, 2011
        Beverly Green-Rashad

Effective Communication
Sears Company is a multimillion dollar establishment that strives for excellent customer service.   That customer service derives from communication within the employer-employee circuit.   In this paper, there is a discussion of the different techniques effective to communicate, the ineffectiveness of those techniques, and modification in a health care environment.
The first techniques effective are the staff meetings that they conduct daily.   They are at 4:30 and; we discuss new ideas on how to improve the company’s profit margins, situations with employees, the achievements in each department, and the rooms for improvement.   Each manager is able to express his or her ideas or problems he or she may have, although others can suggest solutions to those problems or give opinions.   “In order for communication to be successful in the workplace, effective communication is required between managers and staff” (Beaugard, 1).
Another technique is our monthly evaluations.   Each employee has an evaluation by the store manager, and each employee has an evaluation by his or her assistant store manager.   They conduct these not to criticize the employee, but to analyze his or her accomplishments and what improvements they can make to improve profit for themselves and the company.   They agree to the terms and make a vow to meet or exceed those goals by the next month’s evaluation.
Another technique is the sharing of ideas and information through e-mails.   We send emails to each other relating information about upcoming events, customer complaints, and memos from the desk of the district manager.   They conduct “friends and family” events that constitutes a theme so managers and employees have the opportunity to brainstorm and express ideas through emails about what theme to use.   It is also a day for the store not to have to...