Health & Social Care

Assignment 306 Understanding H&S in Social Care Settings
Task A
Health & Safety Legislation,
Main act is the Health & Safety @ Work Act 1974, there are other relevant regulations within the act such as
  * H&S First Aid, Manual Handling Operations
  * Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
  * Provision & use of work equipment
  * Workplace H&S & Welfare regulations
  * RIDDOR Reporting injuries, diseases & dangerous occurrences
  * PPE Personal protective equipment regulations
  * Food safety act 2009,Work regulations
  * Environmental protection act.

How policies & procedure’s protect those that use social care services.
Agree safe ways of working
Provide information as to how care will be delivered safely
Ensuring that everybody understands the standards of care expected by the organisation
Explains the rights & responsibilities of all employees
The law requires that the H&S policy & procedures include the following
H&S policy statement which includes company aims & objectives
Clarification of those responsible for H&S & their duties
H&S arrangements in place in terms of systems & procedures
Policy & procedures are in place to ensure that everybody is aware of the H&S aims & objectives & how they are to be achieved. If a policy is to be effective it must be followed in practice. Good H&S policies & procedures involve the development, monitoring & review of the standards needed to reduce the risk to service users that the actions of the organisation produce such as trips, falls, infection & dangerous fumes.
How policies & procedures protect workers
Ensure workers know how to work within H&S law
Ensure safe ways of working
Agreed ways of working are lawful & to ensure that they protect the employer, employees & service users
Workers will take part in review of policies &...