Hcr 210 Internet Databases

CheckPoint: Internet Databases
HCR 210

Reading about medical records transferring to an online database had me thinking about today’s technology and how it benefits the healthcare system. As more and more technical devices are created, we try to keep up with what’s easier and faster to complete with the use of these new technologies. To have a patient’s medical information stored electronically makes for the data to be easier to access. Information about the patient could easily be updated at the click of a button, but with every advantage comes a disadvantage. Now days, it is extremely easy for someone to hack into a computer and steal someone’s personal information. With recent events, people all over the world just witnessed the low levels of difficulty of hacking. An anonymous group of people hacked into PlayStation (owned by Sony) April 21, 2011. Although it may not be as vital as a patient’s medical information, this shows that information stored electronically can be tampered with. Even with having a person’s medical information stored in paper files, which could easily get lost, it can sometimes not be safe. If someone finds a way to access that information online, then that person’s private information could be at risk. By storing medical records on-line we will be reducing the use of paper and medical errors. I also think that this process will save time and money for many medical facilities. As new technology arises, we are both risking the spread of our information and prevent the misuse of our information. All in all, there is not a perfect way to protect such data. It takes time and special attention to what is being done in order to keep our medical records safe on and off line. A suggestion to keep this information safe is to upgrade the software regularly, which will cost money, but will be worth it.

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