Having a Sense of Being Different Makes It Difficult to Belong

“Having a sense of being different makes it difficult to belong”

Normally it is almost impossible to define, however, we can all identify those which society considers being abnormal. For those who fit into this category, belonging can be a difficult achievement. It is important to take into account what is to be normal, however, why some people have a sense of being different as well.
This is a story about a girl named Violet Violent.
Violet Violent was a typical sixteen year old teenager, only she had super powers. She had the ability to teleport through time and space. Her parents were Chris Evans, also known as Captain America and Jeremy Renner who known as Hawkeye. Her parents were on a secret mission on planet earth and since the mission was going longer than expected, they decided to get Violet to leave planet Krypton and join them on earth. Since Violet was only sixteen, she had to attend school just like other teenagers did. So that the parents cover wasn’t blown.
Violet’s first day at school was a complete nightmare as she was not used to walking everywhere and did not like the fact she could not use her teleportation powers. This made her very angry and upset as she missed being with Clark Kent a.k.a Superman on Krypton. It was difficult for Violet to complete daily activities without using her gifted powers. She literally couldn’t use her powers anywhere, not even at home as it would have sent off a signal to the Justice League, who then would have asked Violet to become part of Young Justice while Chris and Jeremy preferred Violet to become an avenger.
Every night Violet would lay awake in her bed, staring blankly at her white ceiling. She would think about what she could do to fit in, to be part of a group, to be accepted into the society. These thoughts always wandered through her mind and every night she would tell herself that tomorrow was going to be different.
Violet knew that having super powers made her different to others, however she...