Harry Brown Review

Harry Brown

Harry Brown is an old man, and it seems like while time is passing, he is getting less and less to live for, as his wife is dying.
Not long after his wife’s death, Harry’s best friend Len is assaulted by the ”kids” from the neighbourhood, and Harry is all alone in the world.
So does an old man take his own life after all this tragedy, or does he get blood on his teeth hungry for revenge?
That can be answered by the last.
And he doesn’t hesitate. Even when he goes to get himself a gun, he is so disgusted with the criminals who are dealing the weapons, he ends up shooting both and burns down the entire crimescene. Clever move i would say.

The kids on the block are tough kind. Murdering and beating on random people is an everyday-thing for these people.
Harry takes the role of a ”revenger of god”, as his mission of revenging Len, becomes more a mission of taking down every single criminal youngster on the block.

Riots, shootings and other uncomfortable happenings are seen through out ”Harry Brown”, but it gives an interesting view of the British slum, and i think that both Michael Caine in the role of Harry Brown and Plan B (Ben Drew) in the role of the young Noel Winters are doing a really good job in this movie.
Plan B is also one of my favourite rappers, so that the ending credits are accompanied by a Plan B song is not too rubbish either.