What is the Relationship between Happiness and Individuality?
Shemica Gentle
Florida Technical University
Professor Jordan Siedel
When I think of the word happiness I think about being stress free and not having any worries. I think about having to do what I like to do not what I need to do in order to survive. For example, in my case happiness would mean shopping daily instead of working daily.   However, the Merriam Webster Dictionary defines happiness as the state of being happy, an experience that makes you happy, and a state of well-being and contentment. One thing that stands out to me is the word contentment and it actually changes my views on the word happiness, because, I actually think that I could be happy if I am content.   There are several things that I am content about in my life. Therefore, I guess I can experience happiness without shopping all day.   That just proves that if you wish to experience true happiness, you should make sure that you understand what happiness really means.
Individuality means to stand out and be unique; in fact, it actually defines who you are as a person.   That is my definition of the word individuality.   The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines individuality as the quality that makes a person different from others. I feel that the dictionary provides a perfect definition for individuality.   Every human is unique and has some qualities and characteristics that set them apart from everyone else in the entire world.   These qualities can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.   It is important that everyone has some type of individuality and it starts from the day we are all born.   We all have certain dislikes and attitudes from the time we enter into the world. It is these qualities that set us apart from the rest of the individuals in the world.
After reading, Brave New World I think that there is a direct relationship between happiness and individuality.   I think that in order for a person to be truly happy you...