A Hero or Not a Hero, That is the Question
On any given night, one can flip through television channels and come across multiple films. More than likely, these films will contain a protagonist who is muscularly built, handsome with an endless amount of one-liners, and generally someone who always know what to do and how to do it. This is more often than not the modern hero. Yet this is something that is rarely seen in “real life” if ever at all. This raises a question in my mind, what or who has the right to say who is or is not a hero? I believe it is all relative to the person considering and their current state of mind. Who’s to say that a regular, average person cannot be a hero? Which brings me to “Hamlet”, a play written by the great William Shakespeare, and the main character also named Hamlet and the age-old argument about whether or not he was a hero or not. I believe that who you are and the morals you possess along with where you are currently at in life all subconsciously affect your decision about Hamlet’s heroism or lack thereof.
Hamlet is a very mysterious character. He is indecisive; he over-thinks and over-analyzes every situation. At times he is fueled by wanting to do the right thing and at other times he does what he wants, does what’s best for him. In short, Hamlet is a human being. He is real in the sense that he makes mistakes; he does not always know what to do. He is not the cookie-cutter protagonist who’s intuition and confidence rivals that of God’s. Perhaps, he could even be someone you know, or someone you knew. Shakespeare did a remarkable job in making Hamlet vulnerable or in other words human because this allows him to be very relatable in most cases. Whether you relate to his short-comings or his positive attributes, I am willing to bet that almost everyone who watches or reads this play can find something to relate to. As dynamic a character as Hamlet is, one might relate to something he says in one viewing and then identify...