Hamlet is a story originally taken from William Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”. It’s a tragedy which covers revenge, ambition and loyalty. Hamlet wants to take revenge off Claudius and is annoyed with his mother. The film version that I watched of the play Hamlet is the -UK 1990 – Director: Franco Zeffirelli with hamlet played by Mel Gibson.

Zeffirelli has cut many lines in the movie which in the actual play describe his relationship with his mother. Lines such as “let me be cruel, not unnatural” (Act 3, Scene 2)   has been left out which allows the audience to grasp that Hamlet is aggressive, but does not reveal at whom his aggression is intended as it seems as if it is aimed more towards Claudius than towards His mother.

Perhaps the most controversial scene in the movie “Hamlet” is the scene where Hamlet confronts Gertrude in her bedroom. Hamlet taunts her and at first Gertrude doesn’t understand why Hamlet is acting mad. But when Hamlet explains “You have done such an act that blurs the grace and blush of modesty..makes marriage vows false”, she understands and states with realisation that “now I turn my eyes into my very soul and see such blackness”.   Hamlet then jumps on her to mock her sexual exploits with Claudius. Gertrude responds with kisses so deep and passionate, Hamlet does not fight this kiss, and in fact only disengages because the ghost of his father enters who only Hamlet can see, and then guiltily he pulls away from his mother as if to hide his act. Hamlet seems to feel that he has been caught in the incestuous act with Gertrude, and guilt overpowers his expressions.  

Hamlet’s violent anger over his mother’s apparent betrayal fits very much inside an Oedipal interpretation of the play   Zeffirelli has tried to portray Oedipus rex in the film version of Hamlet; He has made his opinion quite clear on the Hamlets Oedipus Complex as Hamlet cannot kill Claudius because of his relation ship with Gertrude. Which is a classical Oedipus Complex as...