Throughout the years many books have been written, some fail to leave an impression others leave one like an imprint in the sand, only temporary and others survive the tests of time, hamlet is one of these, written over 400 years ago, many of hamlets themes and techniques are still relevant to today’s society. Shakespeare’s use of dramatic and literary techniques keeps the audience on edge throughout the whole play, Shakespeare’s ability to do this so sound is what makes it interesting to people today as well as relevant.
After reading hamlet you see how Shakespeare’s use of dramatic and literary techniques shape the story, from the start we realise that hamlet is a revenge tragedy, when Claudius kills then king hamlet,   like all revenge stories there is motivation behind the characters to carry out their ambitious goals. There are many themes with in hamlet which Shakespeare conveys superbly throughout hamlet, death, revenge, questioning death, Inevitability, Natural Order, appearance versus reality and hierarchy. Shakespeare’s ability to link his themes through his techniques shows how good a writer Shakespeare was, Throughout hamlet Shakespeare conveys his themes through many different techniques, Soliloquy ( to be or not to be by hamlet), Mistaken identity (hamlet kills Polonius) , Concealment, alliteration and allusions.
We see right from the start Shakespeare’s writing ability, we see young hamlet questioning his father’s death as well as his own mortality, and he realizes that life won’t last forever and even considers the dreadful sin of suicide, which back then was seen as a defiant act against gods wishes, hamlet continues to question death the whole way through the play this is none more evident than in his famous to be or not to be soliloquy, also from act 1 we see the main theme of the play revenge, after young hamlet learns the truth of his father’s death he swears “swift retribution.
Hamlet is still interesting and relevant today is because of...