Hamilton or Jefferson?

Hamilton or Jefferson in the 1790s?
In the 1790s, America’s new government under the Constitution was being interpreted in different ways by two groups called the Federalists and the Republicans. The Federalists were led by the ideas of Alexander Hamilton against the ideas of Thomas Jefferson leading the Republicans. The ideas of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson have brought up the government we use now. The better ideas for government in the 1790s was Alexander Hamilton’s ideas because it provided America to change from a weak central government to a strong central government, from a unprotected nation from Indians, and other countries to a protected nation and fixed the debt of the entire nation.
Alexander Hamilton believed the central government should be strong and that the implied powers of Constitution could be used to fund the national debt, assume the state debts and create the Bank of The United States which is owned by the government. To pay of these debts the central government would be able to propose taxes on goods like the whiskey tax and tariffs on imports. This would allow the central government to pay off the debt of the nation and the states. All this was part of Alexander Hamilton’s four point plan which gave more power to the central government. Thomas Jefferson disagreed with this plan because he believed the states should have more power and authority. But states with more power we would be going back to the Articles of Confederation when the states acted as separate nations. With Hamilton’s plan there would be one form of currency and the debts would go down through the taxes, tariffs, and war bonds. If the states had more power like Jefferson wanted the country wouldn’t be able to have their own military because the states are doing whatever they want and maybe they don’t want to give money for a military risking the life of many Americans.
Alexander Hamilton believed the country could have a small amount of money to owe from...