Earthquakes are an unpreventable natural disaster that devastates counties all over the world. Haiti experienced a deadly earthquake, approximately a year ago. This essay will talk about Haiti, its earthquake, the affects after the disaster and solutions to this global issue. By viewing these four topics, it clearly shows that Haiti still needs our help.
  As f 2009 the population is an estimated of ten million people. This is a vast number of people living on such a small area. Haiti is about twenty eight thousand square kilometres big. With an astounding maximum temperature of thirty one degree Celsius, and a minimum of twenty three degree Celsius all year round. Port-Au-Prince is the capital city of Haiti. The approximate life Expectancy in the United States for a male is seventy six years and a female eighty one years. This seems like a short time to live but in Haiti male lives to be fifty six and a female thirty nine years old. In Haiti the main religion are Christian, Roman Catholic and Protestants. Among this Haiti nation French and Creole are the main languages they speak.   The cuisine is as unique as the country it comes from. What’s in your lunch today? Ham sandwich, chips, crackers and chocolate milk, this would be a Haitians dream. Most Haitians have no food or very little every day. Rice, beans, corn, bananas, and coffee are mainly what they eat. So next time you are going to throw out your sandwich, think of all the people who are starving and would do anything to have that.
  On Tuesday January 12, at 4:53 pm a massive earthquake struck Haiti. In the news week.com article it states, “It is a horrific scene of shattered lives in a poor nation that has already suffered so much.” Around ten seconds of horror has changed Haiti forever, but it was not over yet. Two hours later, there was a recorded of eight aftershocks with the magnitude between 4.3 and 5.9. Within nine hours there was a whopping 32 aftershocks greater than 4.2 magnitudes.   This...