H and S

Assignment 1 –

Health and Safety Responsibilities at Work

Alex Dale

Task 1- Outline the roles and responsibilities of people assigned specific health and safety duties at work.
A client is an organisation or individual who has a construction project which is being carried out by himself, or by another. On capital projects, they may also be referred to as the “owner”.
A domestic client is someone who lives or will live in the area where work is being carried out.
What are the roles and responsibilities of a client?
The roles under the CDM 2007 regulations:
The CDM 2007 (Construction Design and Management) recognises the influence clients can have over the health and safety of a project. The CDM 2007 also makes clients responsible for the affect they have on the health and safety, and clients must ensure they use a CDM Co-ordinator to guide activities on notifiable projects (projects that last longer than 30 days). When working on site, clients must also make sure the right amount of resources and time is given. This allows the project being worked on to be conveyed safely and correctly.
Duties on the client:
Firstly, one of the main duties on clients is that they must check resources and competence of those who are appointed. This is because if they are not competent, there is a high risk of an accident occurring as they are not experienced and well trained in what they are doing. The focus should be on establishing a competent team for the project in the early stages as this provides a culture of integration in the team Another one of the main duties is that the client must give key information and detail to the contractors and designers as it is for the client to fill in any gaps in information, like asbestos survey.

Duties on the client when on notifiable projects:
One of the main duties on clients when working on notifiable projects is to appoint a CDM Co-ordinator and a principal contractor who are both competent. This is...