College Personal Essay

I am a 16 year old with a good family, teenage problems and want to go to college what’s

new right? But the problems I been through should distinguish me from the other 16 year

Olds you know.   It all started when I was in the 9th grade my GPA was a 2.9 on my way

to a 3.0.Until I was home playing Madden 10 in my room and I got a stunning call from

my grandmother saying “Troy, Zakary has been rushed to the hospital he has a sharp

pain in his stomach” I was young so I thought it was a stomach ache. Then a couple

hours past and my mother calls me in the room and says “Troy the doctors found out

what’s wrong with Zak” My nonchalant attitude I had towards his stomach ache

STOPPED immediately when she continued her sentence and said “They found a tumor

on his Kidneys” all I can do was ask questions like a confused student in class and try to

hold back the little boy that wanted to come out so bad. A couple months flew by and my

grades were being effected because I had to go to Johns Hopkins everyday after school

just to make sure he got through his chemo. I was always there no matter how many test

and quizzes I had to make up. But unfortunately it got to the point where as though I

couldn’t balance it out anymore. My grades were dropping like leaves in the fall but I

faithfully stayed with my brother In the hospital. I started realizing that school was for me

when my 14 year old brother with cancer, skinny as a twig with no hair but with

confidence of the biggest lion continued to go to school and complete all his test and

projects no matter how judgmental his peers were towards him. After I witness him

get straight A’s in a private school Boys Latin that made me want to start getting

serious about my schoolwork. Especially when he had a bright future ahead of

him and it all ended because of this stupid cancer called Renal Cancer, the school

year was over and I...

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