Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse Effect
In the past month, a huge number of politics, journalists, activists, and also scientists moved to Copenhagen, in Denmark, to participate in the greatest Summit about environmental issues ever organized.Along with, the politicians, who tried to find a compromise on the footprint's reduction in the industrialized countries, the scientists tried to understand more the implications and the aspects of the greenhouse effect, considered as the main cause of global warming. However, why did the scientists focus especially on this issue? What are the consequences of this global process on the global ecosystem? And what are the possible solutions?
In the first place, will be explained how a number of natural mechanisms and human activities lead to the greenhouse effect , to clarify in a second period the consequences of this process on the planet, and then to shade the light on the possible way the solve this problem.
First of all, the greenhouse effect can be described as the penetration of sunlight through the atmosphere, which causes the ground to warm. In other terms, it’s an occurring phenomenon that is responsible for catching heat near the planet's surface and keeping the earth warm.
This global phenomenon is very ancient; however, it has only recently been in the news. More than that, it’s commonly considered, especially in the mass media messages, as a result of the fast growing carbon dioxide and methane emissions over the last decades. In fact, it has been increased, but not created, by the industrial activities. Theses economic activities are leading to a climate change due to their utilization of fossil fuels. Not only the transcontinental corporations and developed countries are taking part of the greenhouse effect’s increase, but also every car user or every farmer owning a huge number of cows, blamed for the high methane’s concentration of their biological emissions.
Consequently, the greenhouse effect is not merely caused by...