Movies- Are the stars good Role models?

  1. Introduction
21st century stars play a big role in the society. They are watched from the minute they wake up until the minute they go to sleep by the paparazzi. Major stars always need to be careful with what they say or do because their mistakes will stay in the tabloids for ever and people will always refer back to them.

  2. Celebs Uncovered
Many stars have been known for there amazing acting skills and how they “work it” on the red carpet. That was before stars got ahead of themselves. A few years ago it was discovered that famous Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan had a drinking problem. She was the role model of many young girls and after the story spread about her very intimate partying and drinking habits, parents thought otherwise of her and said that she was a bad influence on their children and that she was in a way “promoting drinking”. This was bad publicity on her behalf but there was nothing that she could do except go to rehab and just hope that this whole situation would blow over. When one looks at stories like that, one thinks that all stars are bad influences because of those who give celebrities a bad name.

  3. Lights, Camera, Naked!
We all know about our typical celebrities that make videos for fun but they never know where they will land up. Brittany Spears. She started singing at a very young age so she was exposed to the media at a very young age. A few years ago, Brittany made a sex tape video with her boyfriend that was soon exposed to everyone that had the internet. The gossip magazines went wild. They had censored images from the video in their magazines for weeks. Children did not know what to think and parents did not know what to tell them.g

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