Green Productivity for Sustainable Energy and Environment

Green Productivity (GP) is a strategy for enhancing productivity and environmental performance
for sustainable socio-economic development. Department of Industry Policy & Promotion, Asian
Productivity Organization, National Productivity Council, India & Confederation of Indian Industry,
have been promoting GP since late Nineties, in   order to achieve sustainability of energy and
environment. Sustainability of energy and environment to achieve low carbon growth has
emerged as one of the important priority areas in view of the challenge of adverse climate change
faced by India and other Asian economies too.
This international conference aims to address and deliberate upon issues, challenges, solutions
and future directions to enable us to achieve sustainability of energy and environment using GP
approach and will feature speakers of international repute, representing national, regional and
international organizations and will incorporate exchange of information and dialogue on topics
such as eco-practices, eco-business, energy efficiency, 3R, environment sustainability, clean
technologies, low carbon growth, renewable energy applications, technology transfer, latest green
initiatives, best practices and policy interventions to tackle climate change.
Organization of the conference, alongside the seventh Eco-products International Fair (EPIF)
further enhances its value, as the EPIF will exhibit eco-products, eco-services, eco-materials and
eco-components from all over the world. The conference, combined with the EPIF is an excellent
opportunity for the conference delegates to learn about eco-products, -services and -technologies
available in the market, enhancing their understanding on sustainable initiatives that can make
society, consumers, suppliers   and business at large environmentally sustainable and energy
efficient and, help policy makers to review their policies to promote low carbon growth. It is
important for the...
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